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Ho creato questo canale video per condividere i miei studi, i brani e le mie lezioni di chitarra acustica. Tutti i video li trovi anche sul mio canale Youtube.

Michele Lideo: Freeway New Album Orablù NOW AVAILABLE

This tune "Freeway" is part of the new album just released called "Orablù".

Michele Lideo: Mr. Smith New Album Orablù NOW AVAILABLE


Michele Lideo : Blues For Franco New Album Orablù NOW AVAILABLE

This song is part of the new album just released called "Orablù". I wanted to dedicate

Michele Lideo: New Album quot;Orablù quot; preview Doolin Original Composition

This tune called "Doolin" is part of the collection contained in my new cd now availabl

New Book: quot; Fingerstyle Blues da zero quot; Michele Lideo,

Presentazione del nuovo libro: " Fingerstyle Blues da zero" dedicato al blues, specific

Michele Lideo: Mezzaluna Original Composition, New Album quot;Orablù quot; preview.


Dusk Acoustic Duo: Going to California (Led Zeppelin)

Video di presentazione del nuovo progetto acustico: DUSK ACOUSTIC DUO: Michele Lideo (Chitarra Ac

New Book: quot;Blues Acustico quot; Michele Lideo,

Presentazione del nuovo libro "Blues Acustico, 10 Studi - 10 Lick, Metodo progressivo per ch

Michele Lideo New Album quot;Orablù quot; Work in Progress

BUY HERE: The Makin

LE MEGLIO STORIE CON LA MIA CHITARRA di F. Morone, played by Luca Francioso amp; Michele Lideo

Michele Lideo e Luca Francioso eseguono in duetto il brano di Franco Morone "Le meglio stori

In the Deep Music by Clive Carroll, played by Michele Lideo

A fantastic tune written by one of my favourite fingerstyle guitar player: Clive Carroll. Please

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson Study#10

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson: Study#10, Funky mood Played with a MILANI GUITAR

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson Study #9

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson: Study#9, Jerry's Blues Played with a SCHENK GUITAR Here's the n

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson Study#8

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson: Study#8, Dropped Blues Played with a MILANI GUITAR, built by the Italia

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson Study#7

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson: Study#7, Boogie Woogie, Played with a MILANI GUITAR, built by the Itali

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson Study#6

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson: Study#6, Slow Blues, Played with a BORTOLOZZO GUITAR, built by the Ital

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson Study#5

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson: Study#5, G Blues, Played with a HERMANN GUITAR, built by the Italian lu

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson Study#4

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson: Study#4, E Blues, Jazz-Blues style Played with a GAUDENZI GUITAR, built

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson Study#3

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson: Study#3, E Blues, Doc Watson style Here's the third study dedicated

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson Study#2

Fingerstyle Blues Lesson: Study#2, C Blues Here's the second study dedicated to the acoustic

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