As I write this article we are in full emergency due to the virus; this reality changed our lives and, in some cases, upset.

I have often found myself in these days, different from the usual routine, to think how much it was, and still is, a great fortune to have music as a companion by my side.

Musicians know this: knowing how to play an instrument is a source of inspiration, relaxation and a formidable company.

I say this because I have always thought that music has the power to excite, comfort, protect and give hope.

From this awareness this little gesture of mine was born: the song “Vicino a te”.

These days one of the realities that has struck me most is what is happening in our hospitals.

Many people are losing their family members and, in addition to the great pain due to this event, it also adds the fact of not being able to assist relatives in the last moments of life, not being able to accompany them, hold their hand and make them feel less alone.

It must be a situation of great pain on both sides.

On the one hand, the sense of loneliness of those who are in a hospital bed, on the other, the anguish of a family member who feels distant, helpless and paralyzed.

I know that music may seem like a small thing, but, the idea of ​​launching the message that this song is “Close to you”, I hope it can convey the same emotion that it gave me in writing.

The goal is that this song reaches the ears of those who need it, which sounds like a hug and a message of presence.

Right now that hugging is forbidden, I would like this music to do it for me.

I posted the video on social media; my desire is that he can turn as much as possible with the shares, not so much for me, as to get the message to its destination.

Guitarists who want to help build this message are welcome: the score of the song is available for free on the shop of my site.

It would be nice if from this article and from this video a choir of people “Close to you” started,

a long virtual embrace that unites and excites how music can do in a unique and special way.

Download the score for free from here and Have Good Music time!

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