A few days ago I met  David and “Gep” of chitarrafacile;  I work with David and his youtube channel as acoustic guitar tutor.

This meeting was an opportunity to talk about the new book “Blues da Zero”, just released for the fingerpicking.net and chitarrafacile editions, and to have a chat about my experience as a musician and teacher.

Among other topics we talked about the most common mistakes that usually happen when we approach the music.

These are errors that concern more “mental” and technical aspects; here are the 10 tips to avoid them:

10 TIPS:

Give yourself a real goal

Establish a time to reach it

Schedule the study during the week, organize the sessions

Alternate the technique with the repertoire pieces

Do one song at a time

Create your own repertoire: memorize it

Know the basis of the style you are learning: tradition

Studying to understand

Listening is playing

“Stealing” ideas and personalizing them

I just have to leave you to watch the video of the podcast, wishing you a good fingerstyle and good Blues!

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