A journey into my music


In my first album I tried to bring several years of research and composition.
It is not easy to translate so many experiences into a piece of music: they are made of notes, moments and sensations.

I chose this title “Orablù” because it seemed to me to sum up, in one word, the sense of the whole project: the songs you will hear paint different atmospheres; “Orablù” is precisely this: a time of transition.

Between day and night, it is a watershed between hopes and expectations.

From Blues to Jazz, from Irish music to Funky and Tango, Open Tuning and more contemporary techniques: I used different languages ​​to express this same concept: music as a border and magic moment in which something really incredible can to happen.


Along with the disc is also available the book of transcriptions of the eleven songs present, released for the fingerpicking.net editions that supported and believed in this project.

All the songs are transcribed in the score and tablature to facilitate learning and with the specific addition of some explanatory notes for the most particular executive techniques.

I also wanted to write a short introduction for each song to share the sensations and ideas that guided me in writing: they will help you enter the right atmosphere, personalizing it with your taste and sensitivity.

Good Fingerstyle to everyone!


  • Music: all the songs are written, composed and played by Michele Lideo.
  • Label: fingerpicking.net.
  • Mix and Master: Mauro Santinello, True Colors Studio
  • Guitars: Lukas Milani “Custom” guitar, Breedlove c22 / k, Roberto Lanaro guitar
  • Graphics: Kimberly McKean