Before talking about this artistic news that sees me engaged with the friend and singer Ilenia Mazzucato, I would like to take a step back and tell a story; I do it because this story has amazed me too, as it happened and because of its particularity.

I met Ilenia many years ago, more than twenty; I was a boy with a great passion for the guitar and I was a beginner.

After a couple of years of insistent request to my parents to attend a guitar course (they wanted to test my will and tenacity), they consented, calling a young teacher who lived near my parent’s house: Ilenia, precisely.

I took my first steps with the guitar thanks to her.

After more than twenty years I see an Ilenia’s post on Facebook in which she writes to want to perfect the fingerstyle technique and was looking for a teacher for this path; obviously I offered myself and from here our collaboration has started, combining his passion for singing and my guitar.

This project for acoustic guitar and vocals, the “Dusk Acoustic Duo”, was born spontaneously during these lessons.

The Dusk Acoustic Duo reproposes the great pieces of acoustic music, but not only, reviewed for guitar and voice; a way of rethinking these pieces.


In this video presentation, we offer a great classic of Led Zeppelin: the beautiful song “Going to California”.

Good listening!

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