One thing, first of all: to me Franco Morone is not only one of the best fingerstyle guitarists in the world but also my reference, a source of inspiration, in a word, a model to follow. I studied for several years (and I still do) his compositions and methods trying to learn his tricks and “steal” from him even just looking.
I would always like to organize a concert for him in my city and maybe play together.
The opportunity came last summer when, with the friend and guitarist Nico Ruffato, we were thinking about the next event to be organized with our association “Spazioacustico“.
Now it was the third year that we proposed an event dedicated to acoustic guitar (Duck Baker, Davide Mastrangelo), it needed an important name to celebrate this third birthday.
The name came by itself: Franco Morone.

I omit all the details of the preparation of the event and I jump directly to the last weekend when this double event, concert and workshop, took place in Camposampiero (PD). Beyond the guitar interest, one of the things that always affects me is the human relationship with an artist; the meeting with Franco and Raffaella Luna was immediately very “familiar”, without too many formalism and spontaneous. I had already met Franco at some Italian festivals and talking to each other but in this case it was a different meeting. I also had the pleasure of meeting his wife Raffaella (very kind and very friendly) and, last but not least, the beautiful dog Margot, a real mascot of our two days.
Let’s go to the evening concert.

On Saturday evening, the day of Franco’s arrival, the concert was scheduled at 9.00 pm. The Philharmonic Hall quickly filled up. In the first part of the concert Franco played the Blues: starting from his compositions as “Chicago” or “Blues when I lost you”. In the second part instead, gave more space to traditional music: both Irish and Italian and finally also the Greek with the song “Samiotisa”: a wonderful example of traditional in 7/8.
In the middle of the concert I had the immense pleasure to play a song with him.
For me, finding myself on stage next to him, after years of studying his compositions, was like living in a dream; I had thought several times at that moment and, as always happens, that moment becomes long and meaningful as many years put together.

The day after was the time of the workshop: an intense afternoon, with many attentive and motivated participants.
Franco spoke about different interesting topics: rhythm, performance, arrangement, repertoire. The atmosphere of the seminar has always been lively, attentive, curious and, again, very informal and familiar.

In my opinion these two days were fantastic.
I savored the desire to be together and be able to enjoy a moment of true culture.
Perhaps moments like these are always too few or too little valued.
I can not thank first of all Franco and Raffaella for their kindness and for the familiarity that only great artists can give. Thank you for your music Franco that you gave us and that continues to “enrich” the life of each with a little ‘magic and beauty.
Thanks to my friend Nico Ruffato who organized the event with me and without which it would not have been possible. Thanks to the Accademia Filarmonica: in particular Carla and Manuela who spent these two days with intensity and passion.
Finally, thanks to those who believed in the event, participating: participation is the most significant gesture that the message has arrived and that good music still has something to say and to give.

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