In this article, made for and the Italian magazine “Chitarra Acustica”, I speak about the new “Concert” model of fingerstyle guitar built by the Italian Luthier Lukas Milani.

A guitar specifically designed for fingerstyle with different innovative elements, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Chitarra Concerto Lukas Milani fondo

Chitarra Concerto Lukas Milani

I started collaborating with Lukas Milani several years ago, more precisely in 2011, when we designed together my “Orchestra Model” guitar that I still use today as the main guitar; this new model contains the perfect synthesis of years of research and analysis on sound and construction methods to better highlight the use of the instrument in an acoustic way and with the fingerstyle technique.

To learn more read the article on Chitarra acustica Lukas Milani Concerto

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