With great pleasure some time ago Mario Giovannini, editor of the “Chitarra Acustica” magazine wrote to me;
The reason was to do an interview to be published for the July issue of the magazine, in which to talk about my work in general and the release of the new album “Orablù”.



In these two years, as the interview begins, I had the opportunity to publish three books and an album for the label fingerpicking.net and this interview represented the opportune moment to stop after this path and analyze these points of arrival to project oneself towards new future challenges.

The interview report is available both with the paper version of the magazine (Acoustic Guitar – July 2019) and in a digital version published on the fingerpicking.net portal at this address.

In the August issue, also by Chitarra Acustica, two of my original songs were published, in the context of the “Virtual Summer Camp”: The song “Mezzaluna”, taken from my cd “Orablù” and a Blues studio, taken from my book “Fingerstyle Blues da Zero”.

By purchasing the August magazine it is possible to have the complete score of these two pieces and, by sending your own performance, take part in the competition which will see the best performances awarded with the publication on the magazine’s youtube channel.



I thank the “Chitarra Acustica” magazine for having hosted me: it was a real pleasure to be able to tell through the work done and the new goals to be achieved.

Enjoy the reading!

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