Franco Morone intervista con Michele Lideo

In August last year I was planning, with my friend and guitarist Nico Ruffato, the new event organized by Spazioacustico, a Paduan reality born from the passion for the guitar and the desire to promote it in our territory.
Since a couple of years Spazioacustico has been proposing several events, in collaboration with the Camposampiero Philharmonic Academy, with great artists of the fingerstyle acoustic guitar.
This year the intent was to continue on this trail and invite a big name of fingerstyle guitar: the idea of ​​inviting Franco Morone came spontaneously to both.
On March 3rd and 4th this double event took place: concert and workshop with Franco, with a beautiful participation and interest both of fans and of common people who love acoustic music and more.
On this occasion we made an interview to share his great experience as a guitarist, concert performer and composer.
The result is this double video interview in which Franco spans different topics: his career, influences and experiences, composition, his production and future projects; a unique document that has allowed us to know and share the experience of one of the greatest Italian acoustic guitarists in the world and a reference point for many fans, both amateurs and professionals.

Personally, for me Franco was, and still is, a reference, as a musician and composer, that I deepened a lot in my studies; this meeting will undoubtedly remain a beautiful memory of an encounter with a great Master.
This is the first part of the interview, the second part will be available soon.


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