The name we are talking about today really needs no introduction.

Robert Johnson was not only a great guitarist who changed the history of this instrument but he is still an absolute point of reference for those who love guitar and blues.

His style and his unmistakable voice have become a “trademark” that identify the sound of the Mississippi.

With this new video, made for chitarrafacile, we add a new piece in this history of fingerstyle that we are retracing.



Robert Johnson’s life was undoubtedly interesting, complex and mysterious; reality mixes with legend, transforming its existence into an almost mythological tale that intertwines elements of truth with others based on myth.

In this video we have retraced his biography and his style, analyzing a tune from his repertoire: the famous song “Kindhearted Woman”.


Together with the execution of this piece of his (of which the chart is available for free download), in the video there is an original study of mine based on the harmonies of the piece and a detailed description on how to perform it.

In this way it will be possible to enter the language of Robert Johnson to assimilate its style and technique.

The study score in notation and tablature is available together with the video.


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