Here we are at the second appointment of this journey through the history of the acoustic guitar and the technique of fingerstyle: a series of videos made for chitarrafacile, to discover the great names that formed it and contributed to the development of the technique and repertoire.

In the previous episode we started with Elizabeth Cotten, pioneer of this style and great innovator; in this new video we will talk about another great precursor and milestone of fingerstyle: Merle Travis.

His fame is, rightly, recognized by all the guitarists who approach this style:  his way of playing “travis picking” has given the name to a particular executive style that emphasizes the character polyphonic of our instrument, making it feel as if they were playing together with an accompanying guitarist (with syncopated basses) and another that plays the melodic line.

All played by a single musician.

In this video we will see his biography, the historical and musical context in which he was formed and, moreover, we will deepen his style through the theme of a song that made him famous.

In conclusion I will propose you an original song that I wrote “in style” and that will follow the harmonies of the chosen song, in order to internalize the Merle Travis technique and insert it in your musical baggage.

Good music and Good fingerstyle !!!

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