Here we are at a new episode of this history of acoustic guitar and fingerstyle.

In this column, created for the “chitarrafacile” site, we have considered some of the protagonists of the acoustic guitar who have become particularly important for their influence, style and baggage of techniques and ideas that they have inherited.

No doubt this list could not miss a great genius: Jerry Reed.

Jerry Reed was certainly an innovator in many terms: for his impressive technique, for his profound harmonic knowledge of the instrument (never banal or predictable) and, not least, for his fantastic compositional ability.

In this video we analyze the style, biography and historical and musical context of his life.

We will then consider one of his songs, among the most beautiful and famous: “Jiffy Jam”. Starting from the main theme chart I will propose you an original piece that follows the style of Jerry Reed and allows you to add an improvisation section to the theme of the piece.

This study will also be the starting point to learn some of the techniques that have made this extraordinary guitarist famous.

See you at the next appointment: have a good study!

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