With this new video, shot for “Chitarra Facile”, let’s close the circle on the so-called “Nashville Sound”.

In fact, after talking about Merle Travis and Jerry Reed, this time it’s the turn of the great Chet Atkins.

It is no exaggeration to say that talking about Chet Atkins undoubtedly means having to do with one of the greatest and most influential guitarists in history; both for the contribution he gave with his style, both for his compositions and arrangements and, not least, his great popular role.




As always, in this video series, we will analyze the biography and musical context of Chet Atkins’s life; then, to enter his style, I will propose to you the theme of a important tune in his production. In today’s video we will play the beautiful arrangement that Chet made of the song “Mr Sandman”.

Finally, I will propose to you, following the harmonies of “Mr Sandman”, an original song that I wrote “in style” and that will allow you to deepen the techniques and make it your own.



Attached to the video will be available for free the “chart” of the chords of the song “Mr Sandman”; for those who want to deepen it is possible to buy the detailed video explanation of the original song and the transcription with score and tablature.

Good study, see you at the next appointment!

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