Going to a musical instrument exhibition is a great experience in the life of a musician; a mix of emotions and sensations; first of all the impression of being like a child inside a toy shop; around you many of your “similar” musicians who, for a day can try “that” dream guitar or amplifier . On the other, of course, like every exhibition, this energy also translates into a human wave mixed with the sounds of the amplifiers, as a perennial background, where metal, blues, rock and acoustic melt together as in a universal mantra.

This year I had the pleasure of taking part in the Guitar Show, the Padua festival that has reached its second edition.



Already last year I went, as simple curious, but also as a demonstrator of the beautiful guitars of the Luthier Mauro Gaudenzi.

This year I returned, at the invitation of Reno Brandoni (friend and owner of fingerpicking.net) to play the Effedot guitars on stage and talk about my book “Blues Acustico”, released just for the fingerpicking.net editions.

An initial consideration I would like to do: I look with admiration to those who organized this event; our city certainly has an opportunity more, thanks to this festival, and this can only make me happy.

I can only imagine the effort of time, ideas, energy and even the economic that involves setting up such an event.

First of all this festival was a reason to meet old friends and get to know new ones: as I said, Reno Brandoni, who invited me to play for fingerpicking.net and his wife Flavia.

Then I had the opportunity to greet many luthiers I knew as: Massimiliano Monterosso (maxmonte) of whom I tried a beautiful guitar with crazy finishes; Maurizio Cuzzolin who always builds at the highest level, both as regards the finishes and the smoothness of his instruments, very comfortable and “familiar” from the first touch.

Simone Colombo, a luthier I had already known more than ten years ago, on another occasion, and whom I met with great pleasure, noting the enormous maturation he has made as a craftsman, proposing very interesting and beautiful instruments.

Finally I got to know the beautiful guitars by Fabio Ragghianti: an archtop (which I already knew through Davide Mastrangelo, in fact it is his signature model) and two “little ones” (double zero and triple zero) very beautiful and perfect for the blues that like to do.

Finally, also the friend Ermanno Pasqualato, with his super blues parlor and all his innovations: Stompbox, weissenborn guitar, dobro and even banjo.

On this aspect my only criticism (constructive) to the event, which, for the rest: the “voice” of acoustic guitars is little compared to the decibels of electric ones, the positioning of the room dedicated to acoustic luthier should, in my humble opinion, being more isolated than the rest, so as to allow exhibitors and guitarists to try the instruments with greater tranquility.

Last aspect, perhaps the most beautiful, the possibility of making new friends.

Many people I only knew virtually have materialized in real life: Andrea Mele, of whom I heard his demo for the luthier Simone Colombo (beautiful set) and who gave me a copy of his album “anDREAMele”; Paola Selva, the jazz duo Simona Grasso and Paolo Anessi, very nice and with a really “soft” sound, relaxing and captivating.

Finally, the legendary meeting of the “strimpellari” community of chitarrafacile.com, with which I have been collaborating for some time. I was delighted to meet David Carelse (the founder of the site), the other teachers and the guys who follow the online lessons with great enthusiasm and passion.

It was great, almost at the end of the festival, to play and improvise two blues with Thomas Colasanti (musicoff), Stefano tavernese , Reno Brandoni and Paolo Anessi. After the Jam I had the chance to talk about my new book “Bluesacustico” and play some songs alone, bringing my music on a stage.


Blues acustico books



Thanks in particular to those who organized this event; I do not think it was simple, but I am happy that in Padua there are spaces to talk about music, instruments and live all these experiences that otherwise would not be possible.

Because, as always, music for me is not just a technical thing, but first of all meetings, storytelling and sharing.

See you next year!



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