Chitarrafacile video guitar course with Michele Lideo

Some time ago David Carelse, founder and author of the site and YouTube channel, asked me to join the project with specific contents dedicated to fingerstyle.
The idea seemed good to me: both to face a different challenge and to spread, with my small contribution, this fantastic technique that is the fingerstyle acoustic guitar.
I already knew David’s youtube channel and the site and I had noticed that for some time videos were available not only from David but also from other collaborators who dealt with specific topics such as metal or blues or even songs for children.
I’m not really a “youtuber” but I did not want to miss this opportunity.
The “people” of is the community of “strimpellari”; I liked this term: in other words, those guitarists who play with passion without worrying too much about competing with others.
I think it’s a good message: to play with passion growing by looking at others, but not by transforming passion into something “corrosive” and competitive.
This is my “zero” video today: my short presentation to this community.

In the coming months you will find several videos of mine on the chitarrafacile youtube channel, all dedicated to fingerstyle and the acoustic guitar world.
We will talk about techniques, styles, compositional ideas, improvisation and much more.
Thanks to David and the community of “strimpellari” for welcoming me and I wait for you with the next videos.

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