Here we are at the second lesson for
In this video we continue to talk, as in the previous one, about the OSTINATO BASS technique, adding, in this case, two new techniques to enrich the phrasing, always keeping the accompaniment of the bass constant.
The context is a twelve bar blues study, in the key of A.
In this video we will focus on the Brush technique that consists in playing with the index of the right hand a small “strumming” similar to the pick of a plectrum.
This technique will give an interesting rhythmic effect to the phrasing, letting you imagine a second guitarist who makes the comping section and gives dynamism and variety to improvisation.
In the second part of the study we will talk about chords’ voicings; we’ll consider some not so common and very close positions, played with a triplet rhythm with the right hand.
These voicings will give an effect of continuity just because of the chromaticisms played on the first string.

The aim of the video is to continue the exercise on the ostinato bass, a fundamental and apparently simple technique, and to enrich the phrasing by always inserting new elements, adding new ideas to improvisation.
See you next lesson with a new topic: we will temporarily leave the world of Blues to see other contexts where you can apply the technique of ostinato bass.
Good study and good fingerstyle!

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