Blues Acustico

10 Study-10 Lick, Progressive fingerstyle guitar method

Writing a book is never simple; not only because of the time it takes but above all because it is necessary to try to make a synthesis of all the contents that one would like to transmit without forgetting the fundamental things. This was the goal I set for myself when, thinking of a structured path on the blues for my students, I threw myself into the challenge of writing this method.
The first idea that came to me is that it should be a progressive method; the book, in fact, ideally accompanies every student trying not to take for granted any concept.

Libro blues acustico

It starts, in the first section from the basics, both in the technical sense (in fingerstyle), and in the theoretical one.
This first part is mainly addressed to those who would like to approach the studies of the second section but need to consolidate their knowledge.
It is very useful to know the concepts of the first section such as: Blues chords, the structure, the guide tones, cromatism and many others.

If the guitarist already knows the concepts of the first part, he can go directly to the second part; this versatility of the book is one of the concepts I wanted from the beginning.
The book can be used in this “double form” just to go directly to the essential, without “wasting time”.

The second section is the true heart of the book; we find ten blues studies: from the most traditional blues to ragtime, from jazz-blues to funky.
I wanted to give an overview of some of the many possibilities of this fantastic genre.
For each study a Lick is combined (combined with the respective study for key and style) designed to modify the study itself and to improvise over it.
This, perhaps, is the most important idea that the book transmits: learning a song creatively is the soul of the blues; merely seeing the study as something to be memorized and repeated identical can be useless.

The book invites the guitarist (both expert and non) to create their own variations on each studio, with the help of a melodic idea that encourages the guitarist to use imagination and creativity.
For each study in the book you will find the corresponding video online.
I wish you a good study and good Blues!

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