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Michele Lideo

Michele Lideo was born in Padua 1983. During the first three years of the High School he attended the classic guitar course with the teacher Z. Hodossy, who allowed him to learn the principles of this instrument. He will continue later to deepen the knowledge of the guitar beyond the classic repertoire, discovering new textures like the blues played with the acoustic and semi-acoustic guitar.

While he was studing philosophy at the university, he got in contact with the world of the acoustic fingerstyle guitar thanks to the meeting with the guitarist Luca Francioso from Padua. Michele had the chance to deepen the style and the technique of the fingerstyle for four years with him.

After this path, he studied acoustic guitar at the Lizard Academy in Padua. He got the degree in acoustic guitar and attended the courses of modern harmony theory, composition, sound enginering, history of the modern music.
Michele improved his studies at Lizard Academy in Fiesole, attending the degree with highest note.

At the same time he attended some courses with the jazzist from Padua Antonio Ongarello that allowed him to dedicate himself to the study of the improvisation on the jazz.

Luca Francioso e Michele Lideo
Davide Mastrangelo e MIchele Lideo

After that he met the guitarist Davide Mastrangelo, who will help him to deepen the Root music, the polyphonic improvisation and the composition of the acoustic guitar.

Michele signed up at Centro Studi Fingerstyle in Arezzo, attending the lessons of Davide Mastrangelo and obtaining the degree with the highest note.

He was finalist of the contest “New sound of acoustic music” in Sarzana (SP).

Together with Nico Ruffato, MIchele is founder of Spazioacustico: an area dedicated to the promotion of the fingerstyle guitar trough concerts, seminars and workshops.

He attended different seminars with artists like Duck Baker, Davide Mastrangelo and Franco Morone, Woody Mann, Giovanni Unterberger.

He’s also engaged in teaching, in playing concerts in solo where he proposes original compositions for the acoustic guitar. He’s also engaged in specific projects of jazz music and pop in fingerstyle.

MIchele has shared the stage with artists like Luca Francioso, Davide Mastrangelo, Reno Brandoni, Dario Fornara and he launched the project wine guitar clan with Gabriele Posenato and Giulio Redaelli.

He took part to important national festivals such as: Cremona Mondo Musica and the “Guitar Show” in Padua as a demonstrator and endorser of the “Effedot” brand of guitars.

Duck Baker e Michele Lideo


I’ve been increasing lot of collaborations through the years that let me become guitar teacher in many schools of Padua area and all over Italy.

I’ve worked together with the magazine Chitarra Acustica and Axe music magazine.

I’m working together with as teacher Scuolacustica.

I’m acoustic guitar teacher, of theory and modern harmony, of history of music at Lizard Academy in Padua.

I’m currently teaching at Padovarte musica, Officine espressive and Accademia Filarmonica of Camposampiero (Pd).

I’m collaborating regularly with the “Chitarrafacile” site of David Carelse, as “fingerstyle expert”, talking about the fingerstyle guitar style and technique for his online community.

He is the author of several publications created for

In 2019 he released his first solo album entitled “Orablù”: eleven original songs for fingerstyle guitar, produced by