Here it is a new video shoot for chitarrafacile.

With this appointment we inaugurate a series of videos that I wanted to dedicate to the history of the acoustic guitar.

The goal was to take some of the most representative characters of this story and discuss their biography and musical style in the video.

Of course it is not easy to choose names, however I chose based on “objective merits” and also on personal liking.

In each video there will be a brief biography and musical history of the artist; then I will play the main theme of a piece he composed and of which will be available attached to the video the “chart” (the chord progression of the song) which will be used to improvise.

In the last part we will propose an original study following his style and thus creating an improvised section that will help you get even better into the music world of this musician and learn the technique.

Of this piece it will be possible to buy the detailed score and the explanation.

This first video is dedicated to a woman, a pioneer of this technique, which has remained in the history of the acoustic guitar for her musical style and for her truly interesting biography: Elizabeth Cotten.

Copyright Imagine Author: Diana Davies, Photo used by permission.


Have a good music time!

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