Those who follow my musical activity will have seen that in recent months I started a collaboration with David Carelse, founder of the site and youtube channel

The aim was to propose the fingerstyle guitar to guitarists who follow his channel and offer my contribution with exercises, studies and pieces dedicated to approaching this fantastic world of acoustic guitar.

After some “single” videos in which I presented several songs and exercises, David asked me to think about a specific course dedicated to acoustic guitar and blues, in particular aimed at aboslute beginners or for those guitarists who wanted to try the fingerstyle technique starting from the basics and having the possibility to make a structured path.

This occasion gave me the opportunity to unite my love for the world of blues and the desire to share this technique trying to give advice to those who wanted to deal with it for the first time.

The course will be available soon on the site of chitarrafacile, for the moment you have the opportunity to access the first free lessons of the course to know it and see if this path may be suitable for you.

You can consult the free lessons by visiting

In this presentation video, David addresses some introductory ideas about this variegated world of fingerstyle-fingerpicking, proposing some examples of famous Italian and international guitarists who have made this technique famous.



The course, which I will discuss in more detail soon, starts from the base, both in terms of knowledge of the blues and in relation to the fingerstyle technique and will allow you to follow a structured path that will accompany you to the last lessons where the songs will be proposed more and more complex and fun.

See you soon for the official presentation of the course!

Have a great Acoustic Guitar time and Good Blues!

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