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Hi! I’m Michele Lideo, acoustic guitarist from Padua, composer and guitar teacher. On this web site you can find all the info about my music: events, publications, videos and didactics.

If you are interested in the study of the acoustic fingerstyle guitar you will find different study paths on the didactic section that I’ve been creating for learning or improving the acoustig guitar: from blues to jazz trough the traditional fingerstyle and improvisation.

You can also find a lot of videos: original compositions, arrangements and didactic videos about the fingerstyle blues. Their scores are available on my online store.

Write me if you are interested in knowing better my music, in studying or in organising an event with me. Have a good music! Michele.

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The Album and the Book

In my first album I tried to bring several years of research and composition.

I chose this title “Orablù” because it seemed to me to sum up, in one word, the sense of the whole project: the songs you will hear paint different atmospheres; “Orablù” is precisely this: a time of transition.

Latest videos

Acoustic guitar courses

Learn the specialization and the programs of the courses

I created different types of courses in order to help you in studying the acoustic guitar; they differ from program, objectives and level of difficulty: from beginners to advanced.

If you want to deepen some of the fingerstyle techniques, choose the best course for you and contact me for further info.

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